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Beluga lives in the Caspian Sea and is rather large. The fish can live for up to 150 years and weigh one ton. Many connoisseurs consider the Beluga’s Caviar to be the best, which put excessive demands on the species.
Caviar is known for its subtle, buttery flavor.  It should always be served cold.
Malossol, or lightly salted caviar, is considered to be the highest quality.
Beluga caviar is one of the best and priciest of the caviars.  Malossol (lightly salted) beluga is the finest, and the most expensive.
Farmed Beluga caviar is a good choice. Smeared on blinis or spooned directly into the mouth of a loved one, it's also the height of satisfaction.
Russian Black Caviar Beluga is packed into  glass jars per 113 g (4 oz) each and has medium-size grains.

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Russian Beluga Caviar 1 Jar 113g - $112,40


Black Russian Beluga Caviar 1 Jar

Russian Beluga Caviar Malossol


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