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Osetra (Oscietra or Asetra) caviar comes from the Osetra sturgeon (Acipenser persicus or Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), weighing 50-400 pounds and living up to 50 years. Osetra caviar ranges from warm brown to green-gray in color, to dark blue to jet black or even yellow. Osetra caviar is said to have a nutty flavour and so is prized as an elite caviar.
The Ossetra sturgeon is much smaller than the Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso). As caviar, it is of firmer texture than the more delicate Beluga caviar.
Considered by many the golden child of the sturgeon family, Osetra caviars are by far the most popular and sought after varieties of Caspian caviars. Typically, its size and price are somewhere is between Beluga and Sevruga. The worlds finest Osetra caviar is found in the Caspian Sea. Osetra is produced in Russia (Russian Osetra Caviar).
Malossol (lightly salted) Osetra is the finest, and the most expensive.
Experts say that the variations in taste occur because the Osetra is a bottom feeder. Thus, its eggs acquire the flavor of what the fish eats. With eggs that come in different colors, Osetra caviar is a famous elite caviar.
Russian Black Osetra Caviar is packed into glass jars per 113 g (4 oz) each and has medium-size grains. It has a unique clean, crisp, "nutty" flavor and varies in color from golden yellow to dark brown. Many consider it the best tasting sturgeon caviar of all.

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Russian Osetra Caviar 6 Jars 678g - $425,00


Caspian Russian Osetra Caviar 678g

Caspian Russian Osetra Caviar 678g


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